Monday, December 12, 2011


Track 1 - The Alien Planet
Track 2 - In First Orbit
Track 3 - Music Of The Planets
Track 4 - Space Light
Track 5 - Intercelestial Tabulator
Track 6 - Mars Reflector
Track 7 - Aqua Density
Track 8 - Caverns In Deep Sea
Track 9 - Cybernauts
Track 10 - Saturnian Bird
Track 11 - Andromeda Calling
Track 12 - The Saturn Ambassador
Track 13 - Spatial Blues
Track 14 - Barnyard In Orbit
Track 15 - Chicken On The Rocks

What starts off as a fairly standard collection of space soundscapes ( if there is such a thing ) gets progressively weirder and weirder with "Saturnian Bird" and "Barnyard In Orbit" in particular raising eyebrows. Being a Jean-Jacques record there is plenty of electronic experimentation underpinning all the quirkiness and the tracks are kept nice and tight with the longest one clocking in at 2 mins 22 secs. While there isn't anything especially groundbreaking on this 1962 release, I'm sure it will please the fans along with anyone who enjoys a bit of space themed music.


MIke Brandon said...

cheers from NYC!

ace blog. always coming back and looking.

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Anonymous said...

Chicken On The Rocks is used here - -70s Ideal Bing Bang Boy Funny Ads :)