Tuesday, November 30, 2010



Track 1 - Musicawa Silt
Track 2 - Musicawa Silt Pt.2
Track 3 - Quiet Man Is Dead Man
Track 4 - Modern Technology
Track 5 - Super Afro-Beat
Track 6 - Give It Up Or Turn-It Loose
Track 7 - Eltsuhg Ibal Lasiti
Track 8 - Daktari Walk
Track 9 - Voodoo Soul Stew
Track 10 - Upside Down

From the liner notes, "The Daktari's is a well disciplined army of two hundred African Bull Elephants marching relentlessly up your business to the beat from Funky Drummer. With an arsenal ranging from barking baritone sax and clarinet, to eerily winding flute and melodica, the Daktari's nation of horns pumps out an encyclopedia of dark, enormous African melodies over an ocean of pounding funk syncopation, straight Fela style. With a battery of skull-snapping polyrhythms that simultaneously keep the rhythmatically-intrigued rhythmatically intrigued and the dancefloor-orientated dancefloor orientated, the drums make a valiant attempt to beat their way off the record. As the brass lays down a consistent foundation of down-home bottom food, an infantry of percussion turns the grooves hypnotic."

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whiteanduptight said...

Any blog that has the Daktaris on it haz gotsta be FUHNKEE!