Friday, November 19, 2010


Track 1 - Dick Dagger's Theme
Track 2 - Cramming For College
Track 3 - Nice N Sleazy Does It
Track 4 - Spiderpussy
Track 5 - Special Delivery
Track 6 - Sex Starved Secretaries
Track 7 - Prepare For Take Off
Track 8 - Her Magic Carpet
Track 9 - Laying Pipe
Track 10 - Spiderpussy (Slight Return)

Another one you can file under "Fake Porn Soundtrack". This one claims to have songs from such movies as "A Happy Ass", "Donna Does Denise" and "Dick Dagger's Big Dick Dilemma" but is actually a product of Don Argott and friends from 1999. Apart from being damn funky the main drawcard is the hilarious sound bites provided by "Porn King" Ron Jeremy at the start of some of the tracks. There are a couple of lesser songs but overall it's a nice package of hard, funky porn grooves. My personal favourites are "Special Delivery" and "Prepare For Take Off". Enjoy.

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