Monday, November 22, 2010


Track 1 - Contact Off Funk - Larry "T-Byrd" Gordon
Track 2 - Doin' the Creep - Alvin Cash & The Hundred Dollar Bills
Track 3 - Funky Driver on a Funky Bus - Charles Leonard
Track 4 - In the Bottle - Brother To Brother
Track 5 - Augusta Georgia (Here I Come) - Bus People Express
Track 6 - Hang on It There - The Stovall Sisters
Track 7 - Boogie the Devil in (Bump the Devil Out) - The Chubukos
Track 8 - Hot Chocolate - Chocolate Caliente
Track 9 - Funky Robot - Dave "Baby" Cortez
Track 10 - Walk From Regio's - Soul Mann & The Brothers
Track 11 - Do It Nice & Easy - Eddie Drennon/B.B.S. Unlimited
Track 12 - The Chicken- Jackie Lee
Track 13 - Funkadelic Sound - Little Beaver
Track 14 - Soul President Number One - John & Ernest

This CD is special to me, I imported it from the U.S at great expense about 10 years ago only to have it stolen a few months later. It has taken me until this month to find a download for it on the net, so I thought I would share it with you. Everything about Playtime 3 screams quality, from the cover art to the production values to the hard hitting funky songs. Each track has something special about it that makes it worthy of such a great comp. There is even a novelty funk track called "Soul President Number One" which always makes me laugh. This is a must have.

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Funkyfil44 said...

the most famous FRENCH reissue label HI and FLY RIP...( a very small PARISIAN Label active years from the end of the 90's to 2006...)
Craig ! from this finest label sure you will like it : THE FRENCH POP AND SOUL EXPERIENCE part 1 (HI and FLY number 5 cd/2002)...