Saturday, November 27, 2010


Track 1 - Doin' The Thing
Track 2 - Bouncing Ball
Track 3 - It's Your Thing (Hey Pocky-A-Way)
Track 4 - Peacock Strut
Track 5 - V2
Track 6 - Organ Donor
Track 7 - Sling Shot
Track 8 - Generator Oil
Track 9 - Bam Bam
Track 10 - Welly Wanging
Track 11 - Hutspot

This is a truly awesome slab of hard, dirty, raw funk from Amsterdam's Lefties Soul Connection. This modern group's sound may be inspired by 1970's funk but in a lot of ways they exceed what has gone before them and take it to a whole different level of intensity! The drumming is mighty, the organ playing is pulsating and the guitar work top-notch. The sound they produce is so full on that it's hard to get through the whole album without taking a break to catch your breath. The follow up to this 2006 release was "Skimming The Skum" which I also highly recommend.

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