Monday, November 29, 2010



Track 1 - The Kung Fu / The Lords Of Percussion
Track 2 - Hippy, Skippy, Moon Street / The Moon People
Track 3 - Mighty Mouse / Ceaser Frazier
Track 4 - Baby Feet / Tribe
Track 5 - Ain't Nobody Better Than You / Boobie Knight And The Universal Ladies
Track 6 - Music Makes You Move / Funkhouse Express
Track 7 - Bad Bad Woman / Marie Franklin
Track 8 - The Dance Master / Willie Henderson
Track 9 - Do It / Sass
Track 10 - Funky Thing II / Larry Ellis And The Black Hamm
Track 11 - Charley / The Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band
Track 12 -  Honey Trippin / The Mystic Moods
Track 13 - Superfly Meets Shaft / John And Earnest

A neat compilation that covers a range of different funk stylings, from hard, to pyscho, to soulful. I've never heard of Fu Music before but they have some good taste whoever they are. A couple of the tracks appear on other funk comps around the place but for the most part it warrants the rare groove tag. I mentioned John And Earnest in my review of Playtime Vol.3 and they appear on this disk with another fun novelty tune called "Superfly Meets Shaft" which incorporates samples from popular funk songs of the period. Thx to the original uploader.


Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, said...

Great music, but a terrible cover. I might have even clicked it away, had I not read the title first (Grooves from 1970-76 are my special field).

Mr. Craig said...

Yeah, I don't know what's going on with that cover but the music certainly makes up for it!

Anonymous said...

Awesome is there a way to download this as mp3s?

Mr. Craig said...

They should be MP3's. Do you mean that they are contained in a RAR file? If so you can use an extractor such as WinRar which is free and available on the internet.