Saturday, November 20, 2010


Track 1 - Droge CX 9
Track 2 - The Lions And The Cucumber
Track 3 - There's No Satisfaction
Track 4 - Dedicated To Love
Track 5 - People's Playground Version A
Track 6 - We Don't Care
Track 7 - People's Playground Version B
Track 8 - The Ballad Of A Fair Singer
Track 9 - Necronomania
Track 10 - Kamasutra
Track 11 - The Message
Track 12 - Shindai Lovers
Track 13 - The Six Wisdoms Of Aspasia
Track 14 - Countdown To Nowhere

Possibly the best film ever made about lesbian vampires, Vampyros Lesbos is one seriously trippy picture and it's soundtrack isn't far behind in the spaced out stakes either. Here is the storyline care of Classic-Horror.Com -

"Linda Westinghouse (Ewa Stoemberg), is sent on a business trip to an island off Istanbul to straighten out the inheritance of a wealthy Countess. Upon meeting Countess Nadine Carody (Soledad Miranda), we realize that the Countess is the same woman Linda has been having recurring erotic dreams about. Soon Linda is under the seductive spell of the Countess, and the title of the film becomes rather clear. Shortly after succumbing to the countess, Linda finds herself suffering from amnesia and is in an asylum run by a Dr. Seward. During Linda's treatment she becomes completely obsessed with the Countess, and realizes she must return to the island. It turns out Linda isn't the only one obsessed with the Countess at this Asylum either, both the good doctor as well as one of the Countess's previous victims, Agra are as well. While Dr. Seward tries to learn as much from Linda about The Countess as possible, her boyfriend shows up. By this time Linda has decided she must go back to the island and confront the Countess once and for all."

This disk is actually a collection of music from 3 Jess Franco films - Vampyros Lesbos, Sie Totete In Ekstase (Mrs Hyde, She Kills In Ecstasy) and Der Teufel Kam Aus Akasava (The Devil Came From Akasava). I could try to describe the music but I would fail; anything with "Sexadelic Dance Party" on the cover deserves a listen in my book. Suffice to say it's worth the trip...Keen listeners will recognise Track 2 from a certain Quentin Tarantino film.

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THXjay said...

I have an original copy of this cd, not that it did me much good!

It seems that the ink they used to print eh disc with was not exactly fit for purpose :)
It suddenly stopped playing one day and after examining the disc by holding it up to the light, there were hundreds of tiny pinholes in the aluminium layer. Strangely enough it was only where it had been printed with black ink, the other colours were fine!

I guess CD's aren't "forever" as we all thought. I've had a few go bad on me over the years. Ironically, vinyl records seem to be pretty much permanent, apart from the odd pop or scratch, at least they still play though!

I won't even mention the here today, gone tomorrow nature of digital music. We are all a hard drive crash away from losing those :)

The joys of technology!