Thursday, November 25, 2010


Thank you to everyone who has visited the blog since I started it last week. I will endeavour to keep posting great funky music and soundtracks as often as possible, so don't be a stranger! Here are some of my future uploads....

The Sound Gallery Vol.2 - V/A
Bite Hard: The Music De Wolfe Studio Sampler -V/A
Phase 6 Super Stereo - V/A
Scoctopus, The In Sound From Octopus Records - V/A
Popshopping Vol.2 - V/A
To Day's Sound - Piero Umiliani
Cinemaphonic, Soul Punch - V/A

Stay tuned!!!


retronic said...

You're doing a cracking job. Keep up the good work. I see there aren't lots of comments- this was the case when I kicked off and people will find you.
I added you to my list of fellow bloggers but I don't know how to pick the ones I want to show up- do you know how I can hand pick the ones I want?

clem said...

Superb! All the best from NY!