Monday, November 22, 2010


Track 1 - The A-Team (TV Version)
Track 2 - Theme From The A-Team
Track 3 - Young Hannibal
Track 4 - B.A's Ride
Track 5 - The A-Team In New York City
Track 6 - Bandits
Track 7 - Taxi Chase
Track 8 - The A-Team Escape
Track 9 - The A-Team Prepare For War
Track 10 - Showtime
Track 11 - Move, Sucker!
Track 12 - Let's Get Busted
Track 13 - Murdock's 'Face'
Track 14 - Helicopters
Track 15 - More Bandits
Track 16 - Theme From The A-Team (Full Version)
Track 17 - Theme From The A-Team (Season 5)

As bold and brash as B.A Baracus himself, this is of course the soundtrack to the legendary 80's action show as scored by Mike Post and Peter Carpenter. Post has produced many tv scores and themes in his time, including Hunter, Magnum P.I and Law And Order as well as writing "Believe It Or Not", the theme from Greatest American Hero. Most of the tracks are variations on the title theme (but that isn't a criticism). Although I will say that the soundtrack would have been vastly improved with some well placed sound grabs from the show. This would be an ideal listen if you're about to head out and bust up a crack house or a counterfeiting ring of some sort. Cool Stuff!!! This link is care of Bazounga.

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