Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Track 1 - Introduction
Track 2 - Showroom Dummies
Track 3 - Trans Europe Express
Track 4 - The Robots
Track 5 - Neon Lights
Track 6 - Autobahn
Track 7 - Homecomputer
Track 8 - Tour De France
Track 9 - The Man Machine
Track 10 - Music Non Stop

Here is a review from John Bush at AllMusic.Com - "Beginning with a short vocal intro on which Senor Coconut himself introduces the record with appropriately comic English, El Baile Aleman presents remarkably faithful covers of Kraftwerk classics ("Showroom Dummies," "Trans Europe Express," "The Robots," "Autobahn," "Tour de France") with the stark percussion and effects of the originals replaced by just slightly less rigid Latin rhythm presets. Latin music can be a surprisingly precise genre of music, and Schmidt walks the verge between Latin and techno with a special genius that would be practically impossible for other electronic producers. Far more than just a novelty record (though many will see it that way), El Baile Alem├ín accomplishes an excellent Latin-electronic fusion."
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Funkyfil44 said...

incredible ! when latin flavor meet the best world known electronic music of KRAFTWERK !(electronic + kitsch...)
certainly the best tribute to the famous german combo ! so much pleasure to have buy the CD's some years ago ...