Sunday, February 5, 2012


Track 1 - Spartakiades
Track 2 - Skying Parachute
Track 3 - Athletic Show
Track 4 - Cricket's Afternoon
Track 5 - Waving Surf
Track 6 - Maracana Green
Track 7 - Jumping At Saumur
Track 8 - Motorbikes Circus
Track 9 - Boating Race
Track 10 - Brasilian Football
Track 11 - Song For Nadia
Track 12 - Pele Smile
Track 13 - Aquatic Parade
Track 14 - Ski Competition
Track 15 - Sport News

I posted "Sport News" by Guy Boyer and Jean-Yves Guihal a couple of weeks ago and here is another sports themed library record by them under the aliases of Garnegy and Maties. There are some real gems featured on this set which mostly consists of fun and quirky synth pop but it is the more sombre "Skying Parachute" which I feel is the biggest highlight. Some of the tracks remind me a bit of Roger Roger and Nino Nardini ( "Athletic Show", "Jumping At Saumur" etc. ) and maybe if there was a bigger "name" attached to this record it would get more attention. Not to worry, those who are willing to investigate will be rewarded handsomely. Here is a sample...

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