Saturday, February 11, 2012


Track 1 - Musculation
Track 2 - Soupapes
Track 3 - Tout Seul "Salle Cerdan"
Track 4 - Assouplissements
Track 5 - Resultats
Track 6 - Footing Avec Chien
Track 7 - Commentaires
Track 8 - Saut A La Corde
Track 9 - Petite Pause
Track 10 - ULM
Track 11 - Exercices
Track 12 - Halteres & Co.
Track 13 - Secrets De Socrates
Track 14 - Rebonds
Track 15 - Dominique & Darina
Track 16 - Cachemire Reve
Track 17 - Biceps
Track 18 - Aquarama

I know this has been posted up elsewhere but I really wanted to complete the trilogy of "Sport" library records ( the other two being "Sport News" and "Sport Music Vol.1" ). This volume contains an unusual mix of jazz, disco and electronic elements with the result being a library music collection unlike anything I have heard before. It comes off sounding like a middle ground between Bernard Fevre and an early 80's Bruton which hopefully peaks your interest.

The jazzier moments provide the biggest highlights in my opinion, tracks such as "Cachemire Reve", "Resultats", "Petite Pause", "Assouplissements" and "Commentaires" sparkle with vibes, organ and piano playing a major role. I'm kind of curious as to what connection any of this music has to sport but either way you can chalk this record up for a W! Many thanks to The Growing Bin for the link.


Anonymous said...

Just drifted into a dream on this sports library! Insane, 1980 feel and lucky best cover art ever! Thanks for the best site anywhere!

Mr. Craig said...

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed this.

Unknown said...

PLease sir, reupload both album "Sport musc" on Mediafire. Please.

Mr. Craig said...

What's the matter with the Rapidshare links? I know they can be a bit slow sometimes but they aren't that bad.

Unknown said...

Hmm.. If there wouldn't be problems with downloading I wont asked to reupload. I cannot download anything from rapidshare, I do not know why. Reupload on mediafire please.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much! ;-)