Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Track 1 - Octopussy
Track 2 - I Spy
Track 3 - Reilly, Ace Of Spies
Track 4 - Casino Royale
Track 5 - Ipcress File
Track 6 - Thunderball
Track 7 - Man From U.N.C.L.E
Track 8 - The Prisoner
Track 9 - James Bond Theme
Track 10 - Our Man Flint
Track 11 - Moonraker
Track 12 - The Man Who Came In From The Cold
Track 13 - Run Spy Run
Track 14 - Get Smart
Track 15 - You Only Live Twice
Track 16 - 007
Track 17 - Goldfinger
Track 18 - The Rockford Files

This Bond heavy collection of spy themes has a consistency of sound that suggests that they have all been performed by the same group. Whether they are originals or covers doesn't matter much because the source material does all the talking. "Octopussy", "Thunderball", "Goldfinger", "Get Smart" and "I Spy" all shine through however my top pick is the superb "Ipcress File" which has all the qualities of an Italian soundtrack masterpiece. As far as spy themed collections go this exceeded my expectations in terms of the track selection and the fantastic production qualities. Top stuff.


Mike said...

Did you get the mix I sent you yesterday? Hope you enjoy it.

Of course, another day brings more goodies on Funky Frolic. Cosmobells put together a similar comp awhile back. He too was big on the spy/thriller music. Always loved that place.

Thanks again.

Mr. Craig said...

I certainly did get it. Very, very impressed. I already had a few of the tracks but there were highlights galore. Thanks heaps.

The Crime Lounge is all over the spy music genre, if it's out there they have probably upped it or comped it.

Mike said...

Yeah, I remember that place. That's where I got some Columbo music. *nudge*

Glad you enjoyed it. It's fun putting together comps. That one did require some work though. Since many of those tracks had noticeable hiss and/or clicks/pops from the vinyl sources, I cleaned them individually. Some were beyond my ability (e.g. David Benoit) but I did what I could.

Next time I put something together, it will be a radical departure.

Paul Bishop said...


Mr. Craig said...

Cheers Paul.