Saturday, March 3, 2012


Track 1 - Luci Di Suono
Track 2 - Impasti
Track 3 - Colori
Track 4 - Successioni
Track 5 - Suoni
Track 6 - Sezioni
Track 7 - Tempus Fugit
Track 8 - Ripresa Dall'Elicottero

This is possibly the most deceptive cover art in all of musical history because far from being bright and colourful the music presented here is much more suited to a horror soundtrack. The 8 tracks steadily creep along with various extended tones and maybe a tap of a cymbal or a few piano notes here and there. It's a masterpiece of minimalist, claustrophobic, nightmarish electronics that appeals to me much in the same way that "Insight Modulation" by Zanagoria does. Truly a rare and unusually delight.


Anonymous said...

Can you please stop posting such amazing music. Seriously...please!!! Between this and the Vangelis I'm gonna loose my job because I just wanna stay home all day and listen to these albums. Your work and dedication is much appreciated.

Carol said...

I seriously love this.