Friday, March 16, 2012


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Track 1 - Into Tomorrow
Track 2 - Into Tomorrow Alt. End
Track 3 - Meet The Future
Track 4 - Meet The Future Alt. End
Track 5 - Small Wonder
Track 6 - Good Shot
Track 7 - By Cable
Track 8 - Digital Mixer
Track 9 - Sound Plus
Track 10 - Down To Business
Track 11 - Down To Business Alt. End 1
Track 12 - Down To Business Alt. End 2
Track 13 - On Target
Track 14 - On Target Opening
Track 15 - Rewind

The synopsis for this De Wolfe album is "Modern, large group sounds featuring brass and guitars for sport and action" and that's what you get, lots of tracks that would have been ideal for news programming or sport show themes during the mid 1980's. It's pretty lightweight stuff but good fun none the less. It's hard to pick any track that stands out from the rest but I quite like "Sound Plus" which is listed as "Bright Brass Theme Over Insistent Brass Rhythm With Raunchy Guitar". Credit goes to Judge Dredd for the original upload.

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