Sunday, March 11, 2012


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Track 1 - Confunktion / D.Richmond
Track 2 - Music People / Jack Mayborn
Track 3 - Are You Free? / Larry Robbins Sport Studio Band
Track 4 - Devil's Masquerade / Syrius
Track 5 - Les Dunes D'Ostende / Francois De Roubaix
Track 6 - Southbound / Sound Studio Orchestra
Track 7 - African Honeymoon / Golden Music Orchestra
Track 8 - Type A to E / Hiro Tsunoda
Track 9 - Take Me To The Mardi Gras / The Spotnicks
Track 10 - Flower Dance / Michel Gonet
Track 11 - Brute Pt.1+2 / Louis Clarke
Track 12 - Overtone / Nick Ingman
Track 13 - Allora Il Treno / Bruno Nicolai
Track 14 - Yama Yama (Yamasuki) / Daniel Vangarde
Track 15 - Voyages / Michel Polnareff

Is this the best Dusty Fingers compilation ever? If it isn't then it sure comes close. From the beginning of the thunderous, heavy "Confunktion" the tone is set for a wild ride of rare groove, breakbeats, library music and more. Well known classics such as "Yama Yama" and Michel Gonet's "Flower Dance" are complimented by library gems from Louis Clarke, Nick Ingman and Larry Robbins along with an array of other delights. Every track has something special which makes it stand out, usually it's a particularly tight drum beat nestled within some pleasant orchestration or crime funk. These 15 tracks only run for a total of 38 minutes and if you are like me then you'll be reaching for the "repeat" button so you can experience the exceptional grooves again and again.


Veda said...

One of the best if library compilation ever and one of the most sampled in hip hop.Great stuff as always, the name says it all. Much appreciated.

Restaurant Brugge said...

thanks 4 sharing this post

Rob said...

I remember 'Confunktion' from an ad in the 70's