Thursday, March 1, 2012


Track 1 - Caught At Midnight
Track 2 - My Friend Phil
Track 3 - French Girl In Manhattan
Track 4 - Party Is Over
Track 5 - Super Man
Track 6 - Jewellery Party
Track 7 - Crime Doesn't Pay
Track 8 - Jerry Cotton March
Track 9 - Love Is Swingin' In The Air
Track 10 - Jerry 1967
Track 11 - Two Voices Blues
Track 12 - Take It Jerry!
Track 13 - Manhattan Inn
Track 14 - Big Troubles
Track 15 - Cotton Beat

This is a super collection of Jerry Cotton film music produced by the German king of groove, Peter Thomas. It features his recognisable hard swinging style of crime jazz which suits this project perfectly but there are also a few tracks which are more in line with what you'd expect to hear in a retro cocktail lounge ( "Two Voices Blues", "Take It Jerry!" and "Party Is Over" come to mind ). I'm not usually a fan of the whole breathy, wordless female vocal style but it works quite well here, particularly on the insane "Crime Doesn't Pay" which combines together three distinctive pieces of music onto the one track. If you enjoy this collection then go and hunt down "100% Cotton" which contains a whopping 49 additional songs. Thanks to the original uploader.


Your Pal Doug said...

This looks like a fun one.
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Carol said...

Thanks! Love it!

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This looks very good. Thank you for sharing it!