Sunday, March 18, 2012


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Track 1 - Grand Funk / Brian Bennett
Track 2 - Phase Out / Dave Richmond
Track 3 - Led Balloon / Steve Gray
Track 4 - Look Hear / Clive Hicks
Track 5 - Probe / Steve Gray
Track 6 - Visit To Motown / Dave Richmond
Track 7 - Sitar Mobile / Steve Gray
Track 8 - Flute Reggae / Clive Hicks
Track 9 - Tin Whistle Reggae / Duncan Lamont
Track 10 - Cool Reggae / Dave Richmond
Track 11 - Reggae Bounce / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 12 - Rocky Reggae / Steve Gray
Track 13 - Steel Band Reggae / Brian Bennett
Track 14 - Safari Park / Clive Hicks
Track 15 - Rockin And Rollin / Duncan Lamont

KPM 1121 "Fusion" is one of those library records that has a distinct change in style between Side A and B. On the first half of the album the listener is treated to a selection of wonderful psych rock infused funk numbers that blast out of the speakers in a wave of fuzzy guitar, pounding drums and tripped out organ. The first 5 tracks are just awesome and while "Visit To Motown" and "Sitar Mobile" present a departure from the preceding rock grooves they are utterly lovable in their own special way.

But then we get to Side B which contains a group of reggae themed pieces that left me feeling flat. Despite being produced by such heavy hitters as Hawkshaw, Bennett, and Gray there isn't much joy to be had in my opinion. To be fair though, "Reggae Bounce" does have some redeeming qualities and my feelings are probably based on unfair comparisons with the earlier tracks. Despite the perceived failings I still consider this to be a must have KPM, so do yourself a favour and check it out!


Mr. Banstead said...

Thanks!The opening track Grand Funk is awesome!

Wileyk2012 said...

I remember three of those tracks: "Visit to Motown," "Flute Reggae" and "Tin Whistle Reggae" being used on this 1973 colorization of an old Felix the Cat cartoon:

Erica said...

Wileyk2012 is quite right. Korean animators from Radio & Television Packagers inc. would often use music from the KPM library if the cartoon they redrew/colorized was either originally silent or they didn't have the original audio for the cartoon.

Black Moses said...

re up, pretty please?!