Thursday, March 15, 2012


Last month I posted the excellent "Heavier Load" mix by September 70 aka pixel_face and he has just finished work on another fascinating are some details -

Corpus Octo is an International Collaborative Mix Project. 8 obsessive record collectors, musicians and mix creators who found a common sound and built a small community around it in Mixcloud. The mix winged it's way digitally between 8 cities around the globe and has been added to by each along the way, a musical equivalent of an exquisite corpse.

The contributors in order are-

1. DJ Alfonso (Los Angeles)
2. Anatoly Ice (Moscow)
3. September 70 (Brisbane)
4. Fraserfunk (Manchester)
5. Ebokai (Amsterdam)
6. Dunwich Radio (Malmo)
7. Hackney Marshman (London)
8. Vinyl Miners (Sao Paulo and Cardiff)

From the 15 tracks used in this mix there are a number which will be familiar to Funky Frolic followers ( and lovers of fine music in general ). They include "Silver Thrust" by Peter Reno which can be found on the "Sound Book" compilation, "Microchaos" from the "Distortions" album by Blue Phantom, "Frog In Love" by Piero Montanari which features on "Scoctopus: The In Sound From Octopus Records" and "Black Fire" by Mandingo. The concoction of Italian soundtrack, library music, psych funk and other delights creates an engaging journey that is a testament to the skill and taste exhibited by these talented producers. I'm sure you'll love this!

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Carol said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm really digging it - and the whole idea is really cool!