Friday, March 23, 2012


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Track 1 - Some Of My Best Friends Are
Track 2 - Bucktown: Title Theme
Track 3 - Superchick
Track 4 - Thunderfist: Chow Chung's Theme
Track 5 - That Man Bolt
Track 6 - Breaker Breaker
Track 7 - Detroit 9000: Title Theme
Track 8 - Mr.Scarface
Track 9 - Naughty Stewardesses
Track 10 - The Bummer
Track 11 - The Big Bust Out
Track 12 - The Big Doll House: Mud Wresting
Track 13 - Thunderfist
Track 14 - Bare Knuckles: Main Theme
Track 15 - Black Eye
Track 16 - Bucktown: End Theme
Track 17 - 24 Hour Lover
Track 18 - The Gay Deceivers
Track 19 - JD Revenge: Main Theme
Track 20 - Chinese Connection, Bruce Lee
Track 21 - Hijack
Track 22 - Ready, Willing & Able
Track 23 - Black Godfather: End Theme
Track 24 - Two Gentlemen Sharing
Track 25 - Blaxploitation Drive-In Triple Feature
Track 26 - Fists Of Fury, Bruce Lee
Track 27 - Switchblade Sister: Hold It Whitey
Track 28 - Centrefold Girls
Track 29 - Fearless Fighters
Track 30 - Incredible Two Headed Transplant
Track 31 - Slaughter: Main Theme
Track 32 - The Big Doll House
Track 33 - Savage Sisters
Track 34 - Black Gunn: Main Theme
Track 35 - The Wonder Women
Track 36 - Trip With The Teacher
Track 37 - Hammer: Main Theme
Track 38 - Some Of My Best Friends Are: Spot 2
Track 39 - Some Of My Best Friends Are: Spot 3
Track 40 - That Man Bolt: Spot 2
Track 41 - Human Tornado: Main Theme

"Sex, Sleaze And Soul" does for porn films and R rated flicks what "Super Bad, Super Black" did for blaxploitation. It's a compilation of naughty, silly radio spots and previews which focuses the spotlight on the seedier side of 1970's film culture. Aside from the highly amusing porn movie advertisements there are promos for kung fu, horror and action movies along with a couple that cover blaxploitation such as "That Man Bolt: Spot 2". What pushes this collection over the top from great to awesome is the inclusion of a bunch of theme songs that are the epitome of classic porn groove. It's a great listen and a whole lot of sexy fun!

I couldn't find a video that quite captured the essence of this collection so I decided to make one of my own. Hope you enjoy my first foray into the world of YouTube...


Anonymous said...

Love the "movie". It's kinda cold and wet here and a good laugh helps.

Carol said...

Thank you!!!

Funkyfil44 said...

Hey Craig, take a look here
from my friend Foxybronx, french specialist of B-Movies...

Calamity Annie said...

...and this is gonna be PERFECT for Guerrilla Drive-in this summer! Thank you even more!