Sunday, March 4, 2012


Track 1 - Blue Masses
Track 2 - Four TRK Samba
Track 3 - Tiny
Track 4 - Numb Milleneum
Track 5 - 100 Years
Track 6 - Pescadito
Track 7 - Azucar
Track 8 - Flux And Meter
Track 9 - It's Raining Again
Track 10 - Today Like Everyday
Track 11 - Soul Miner
Track 12 - As The Sea Holds Creatures Vast And True
Track 13 - So Blue It's Black
Track 14 - Little Chin
Track 15 - Exzebache

Here is a review care of AllMusic -

"Tommy Guerrero's A Little Bit of Something sounds like the former skate punk has been listening to a whole lot of mid-period Beastie Boys albums. It's not the in-your-face rhymes or punk-based aggression that's influenced him, but the group's canny mix of samples and new music that blends influences from all kinds of unexpected, offbeat places. (Tracks like the languid, groovy "Four TRK Samba" also suggest that Guerrero has a full complement of Cornelius albums.) These brief instrumentals -- 15 tracks in 39 minutes! -- ignore the drone and ambient schools of electronica and post-rock in favor of a magpie-like interest in variety and novelty. This makes the songs on the aptly titled A Little Bit of Something wonderfully varied and never tiresome. (The sounds even change within songs, such as the way "So Blue It's Black" starts out as a duet for acoustic guitar and vinyl noise but then eases into mellow, '70s-style fusion.) This is an enchanting, fascinating album."

For more Guerrero go and check out "Lord Newborn And The Magic Skulls".

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