Saturday, March 3, 2012


Download here or here

Track 1 - Dadadun
Track 2 - Four Track
Track 3 - Foregone
Track 4 - Grimey
Track 5 - Laugh Track
Track 6 - Misled Kid
Track 7 - Odeon Hopkins
Track 8 - Ruff Seven
Track 9 - Bananas Foster
Track 10 - Uno

The Misled Children are part of the mysterious Clutchy Hopkins, Shawn Lee, MF Doom circle of artists who continue to release excellent funk, hip hop and library music inspired albums. This one sees the Children collaborating with saxophonist Odeon Pope who for a period in the 60's was part of Jimmy McGriff's team. This gives the tracks a lovely jazz funk feel and it's all cemented with Shawn Lee's hard drumming style ( I don't know for sure if it's him on the skins but I presume so ). There is also a bit of an eastern vibe too, particularly in the second half of the record. It's the kind of music you can put on and forget about because each track is as good as the last, slowly lulling you into a funky dream state.


Anonymous said...

The file from Rapidshare requires a password. May I have it?

Mr. Craig said...

That Rapidshare file is coming up as "Download Not Available" for me. You'll have to use the Mediafire link.