Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Track 1 - Frolic / Johnny Pearson
Track 2 - Funky Scene / Bill Loose
Track 3 - Funky Signwriter / Alan Parker
Track 4 - Fine And Funky / Dave Gold
Track 5 - Slighty Funky / Robert Hall
Track 6 - Just Funky / Klaus Weiss
Track 7 - Really Funky / Barry Stoller
Track 8 - Funky Monkey / Trevor Bastow
Track 9 - Funky Spider / Barry Stoller
Track 10 - Funky Stage / Janko Nilovic
Track 11 - Windsor Frolic Link / Johnny Pearson
Track 12 - Funky Sunrise / Duncan Lamont
Track 13 - Funky Teahouse / Fred Silberstein
Track 14 - Funky Fantom / R.Walter
Track 15 - Funky Pusher / Wally Asp
Track 16 - Funky Tramway / Janko Nilovic
Track 17 - Funky Footage / Keith Mansfield
Track 18 - Funky Chimes / Francis Coppieters
Track 19 - Funky Finale / Dave Gold
Track 20 - Funky Thing / Keith Mansfield
Track 21 - Funky Flutes / Duncan Lamont
Track 22 - Funky Toothpaste / Alan Parker
Track 23 - Funky Chase / Keith Mansfield
Track 24 - Funky Foundations / Dave Richmond
Track 25 - Funky Captions / Keith Mansfield
Track 26 - Funky Hustle / Unknown
Track 27 - Funky Black / The PR TV Band
Track 28 - Funky Link / Keith Mansfield

Retronic from the library music blog Retro-Teque is the latest guest poster to create a compilation at Funky Frolic. For those who don't know already Retronic is a master when it comes to creating library mixes and his endless search for the cues used in t.v shows such as Prisoner and The Sweeney is the stuff of legend. He has been a supporter and contributor to my blog since the beginning and was my first ever "Follower". So it gives me great joy to present "Funky Frolic - 28 Funky And Frolicy Library Cuts".

As you can see Retronic went with a "funky" and "frolic" based theme and given that most library music titles provide a guiding description of what's to come, you can expect a very funky ride indeed! Crisp drumming, wah wah guitar, Hammond organ and deep bass play a starring role in many of the tracks while stylistically the music ranges from easy listening to hard hitting psych funk with lots of variation in between. There are too many highlights to list them all here, with composers such as Mansfield, Parker, Nilovic and Stoller featured you're in safe hands and are guaranteed an unforgettable trip through the world of 1970's library music.

Retronic inspired me to go through my own library and dig out a few tracks with "Funky" titles that didn't make it on to his compilation. So, as an added bonus here is "FF017 Funky Frolic - 14 More Funky Delights"...

Download here

Track 1 - Frolic / Luciano Michelini
Track 2 - Funky Fanfare / Keith Mansfield
Track 3 - Funky Moog / Mike Anthony & Barry Blue
Track 4 - Funky Village / Janko Nilovic
Track 5 - Funky Bear / Alan Tew
Track 6 - Funky Santa / Big Pimp Jones
Track 7 - Funky Chicken / Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett
Track 8 - Funky Dromedary / Synthesizers Unlimited
Track 9 - Skunky Funky / Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra
Track 10 - Funky Feeling / Mike Anthony & Barry Blue
Track 11 - Funky Broadway / The Mohawks
Track 12 - Funky Kid / Eddie Warner
Track 13 - Funky Flight / Keith Mansfield
Track 14 - Funky Little Song / Bruce Haack & Esther Nelson

Aside from the usual suspects I've thrown in a few oddities, there's "Funky Moog" which was used to good effect in the 1978 Australian softcore porno "Felicity", a couple of modern tracks from Shaw Lee and Big Pimp Jones along with the novelty of "Funky Little Song" by Bruce Haack from the album "Listen Compute Rock Home". Plus lots of funky library music of course!

I hope you enjoy this and Retro's compilation. I know I speak for the both of us when I say that it means a lot when people leave messages of support so if you enjoy the music take the time to write and let us know. Cheers.


Repo said...

Not one, but two funky mixes!
On the DL now. Thanks to you both for these beauties which will put a smile on my iPod's face ;-)

the jazzstronaut said...

F...U...N...K...Y...all the way!!! Cheers Craig.

bark said...

This is pure music love.

Kropotkin said...

funky funky many thanks

Fr@nKeIn$OuNd said...

Very cool colaboration music lovers.
"Funky Moog" and the dear "Bruce Haak" cherry on the top of the génius instrumental cake ♥♥♥
And thank again for all this good sound brother & sister.

Tex said...


It's two, Two, TWO of my FAVE blogs coming together to post REAL music!

Y'all out there already know the AWESOME that is Funky Frolic (that's why yer here, yah?) But you NEED to go over to the Retro-Teque and check out his AMAZING compilations (Prisoner: Cell Block H, The Sweeney, Shoestring, even Space:1999!) He's even made ones for the films of John Waters (look him up if you don't recognize the name.)

Thanks, fellers--I'm afraid I'm going to have to save-off all my non-Library music from the hard-drive and just have Library on the laptop.

(like there's any better kind of music to listen to?)

Veda said...

My ears thank you both for a grrrreat colabo. Much appreciated and (not to sound too bold) i have to say you should do this more often guys.
All hail Retronic and Mr.Craig!!!!

Holly said...

Thank you very much, Mr. Craig - both for your fine mix & for introducing me to Retronic. Really, really most excellent.

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...

mirror creater >>>dead!!!
please repost....

Mr. Craig said...

The link works just fine. Try using the Depsitfiles or Wupload mirrors ; )

[(Sub)] said...

Great funky concept!

[(Sub)] said...

Hey Mr Craig,
Here is some Frolic's library tracks:

DefChef said...

Two great - and greatly funky - comps in a single post, and more than enough groooooove to keep me going thru the Spring.

Haven't been thru in awhile, so I was shocked to see that you were considering (?) unplugging yr turntables and turning off the site for good....glad to see you didn't go and do something rash!

Annnnnyway....keep up the good work!