Wednesday, March 7, 2012


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Track 1 - Psycha-Soula-Funkadelic
Track 2 - The World We Live In
Track 3 - Church
Track 4 - Free Your Mind
Track 5 - Everything Good Is Bad
Track 6 - A Song For You
Track 7 - Speak On It
Track 8 - Funky Toes
Track 9 - Politicians Theme
Track 10 - Close Your Big Mouth
Track 11 - Love Machine (Vocal)
Track 12 - Love Machine (Instrumental)

Much in the same vein as "Skull Snaps", The Politicians released one album in the early 1970's and due to the vast amount of great music released during that period it didn't receive the attention it rightly deserved. However, since being sampled by the likes of DJ Shadow, Kenny Dope and The Go! Team there has been renewed interest in this record and rightly so because there are some mind blowing funk bombs, particular on Side A. The songs feature elements of soul, rock, funk and psych all wrapped up in an irresistible pop bundle that will surely have you coming back for repeat listens. The serene "A Song For You" marks a changing point with the following tracks displaying more of a Motown feel, interrupted briefly by another funky gem in the form of the "Politicians Theme". It's a truly outstanding album that is most deserving of my 10 out of 10 Frolics stamp of approval!


Armpit Studios said...

Hmm, too bad it's only available from a site that requires a signup.

Mr. Craig said...

Here is a mediafire link if you'd rather -

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Craig!