Tuesday, June 12, 2012


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Track 1 - Grandstand / Sound Stage Orchestra
Track 2 - News Scoop / Symphonia Orchestra
Track 3 - The Trap / Ron Goodwin & His Concert Orchestra
Track 4 - Pop Looks Bach / New Dance Orchestra
Track 5 - Soul Limbo / Booker T & The MG's
Track 6 - Drag Racer / Doug Wood Group
Track 7 - Offside / Mike Vickers Orchestra
Track 8 - Drum Majorette / Queen's Hall Light Orchestra
Track 9 - Sportsnight / Tony Hatch Orchestra
Track 10 - All Sports March / Queen's Hall Light Orchestra
Track 11 - Light And Tunnel / Sound Stage Orchestra
Track 12 - Sporting Occasion / Queen's Hall Light Orchestra
Track 13 - Holy Mackerel! / Brian Bennett Band
Track 14 - Cranes / Doug Wood Group
Track 15 - Derby Day / Melodi Light Orchestra
Track 16 - Challenge / Melodi Light Orchestra
Track 17 - World Series / Melodi Light Orchestra
Track 18 - Saturday Sports / National Light Orchestra
Track 19 - Soul Riff / Doug Wood Group
Track 20 - International Sports March / Queen's Hall Light Orchestra
Track 21 - World Of Sport March / Don Harper Big Band
Track 22 - World Series / Sound Stage Orchestra
Track 23 - Grandstand / Queen's Hall Light Orchestra
Track 24 - Out Of The Blue / Band Of The Irish Guards
Track 25 - Goodwood Galop / Queen's Hall Light Orchestra
Track 26 - Sportsmaster / Melodi Light Orchestra
Track 27 - Heavy Action / Sound Stage Orchestra
Track 28 - Big Match / Sound Stage Orchestra
Track 29 - Tour De France / New Concept Orchestra
Track 30 - Football Fanfare / Melodi Light Orchestra

I was thinking about posting the excellent "BBC Sporting Themes" but came across this album which has plenty of crossover and a further 10 tracks. These themes will be ingrained in the minds of many UK sports fans but I'm sure some of the tracks has popped up in broadcasts throughout the world over the years. With the likes of Doug Wood, Brian Bennett, Mike Vickers and Tony Hatch featured you can be assured of a swinging good time and the various orchestras / bands add a hefty dose of pomp and circumstance to proceedings. Excellent!

Credit goes to Cosmobells for the original upload. It's a Rapidshare file so you'll need to be patient but it's well worth the effort.


Simes said...

I always preferred the BBC Sporting Themes album myself, which I used to have on cassette. AT pub quizzes, this album used to come out and be played with a question or two "What theme was that?"

Some - such as Sportsnight or Match of the Day - were easy to guess. Others (such as one written, as I recall by BA Robertson called "A Hundred Thousand Welcomes" (?) were much harder to recall.

Alastair Craig said...

Mr. Craig, I found your website on my hunt for the final Mandingo album. Another post caught my eye, and one week later my interest in music is reinvigorated, my cultural knowledge more esoteric and my iTunes album art sexier.

You're doing good work (and, in a small but very real sense, improving lives in the process). Thank you.

Simes said...

I second Mr HappyBob's emotion!

Keep up the good work!

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks very much folks. It means a lot.