Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Track 1 - Space Team
Track 2 - No.59018
Track 3 - Central Way
Track 4 - Satellite 33
Track 5 - Ronde Interstellaire
Track 6 - Cimes Etenelles
Track 7 - Le Monde Avait 5 Ans
Track 8 - Sunshine On March
Track 9 - Stars Away
Track 10 - Earth Message
Track 11 - 2043
Track 12 - Odysee

This Bernard Fevre record is a little heavier on the atmospherics than "Suspense" giving it the feeling of an early 1980's documentary soundtrack. Obviously the music is quite space orientated and contemplative but the last couple of tracks in particular have a refined grooviness to them. In terms of tempo the music evokes a sensation of floating rather than travelling at warp speed so I suggest sitting back and enjoying the ride.


Muff Diver said...

Hey, Mr. Craig!

This comment isn't in reply to any particular album, but rather all of them.

In this time of government-inspired paranoia and blogs containing priceless culture and information being shut down by force or coercive fear, it's nice that your blog among others is still up and running.

In fact, that's why I came here so early in the morning. I was checking out another blog when I read a headline stating that Olyhay Arblesway has closed down.

Right away, I checked the date of the post, thinking maybe it was a coupla years ago and the blogmeister went on hiatus for vacation, or a good rest, etc.

NO! Of course, that explanation would be too simple. That blog is shut down! It's not the only one, but one of the more prominent ones.

It happened so fast it makes my head spin. I mean, I was just there @ Olyhay Arblesway yesterday!

Another blog is still up and running but virtually all of it's links are now dead and what's more, they've been booted from Mediafire for re-posting material deemed verboten. They're dead in the water and the blog-meister is carefully considering whether they should pack it in or laboriously repost each piece of music all over again. Damn!

I'm grateful that your blog is still up and running and you haven't been scared off. After all, it was this site that opened up an entire new world to me just a few months ago.

Over the past 3 months or so, I spend all my available time on library and lounge blogspots. Like I said, I discovered an entire new world thanks to you.

Suffice to say, Unkyfay Olicfray has a sentimental value for me and I don't care if that sounds silly or cliche because it's the truth. Thanks to library music, I have discovered and embraced my Inner Geek!

I wish health and prosperity to you and yours, Unkyfay Olicfray, and the rest of Library Blogdom everywhere in 2012.

Thanks man! Keep doing what you've been doing!


Mr. Craig said...

Wow thanks Muff, your comments were really touching.

I've gone through most of my life not having anyone to share my musical tastes with but this blog has given me the opportunity to be part of a very special community of people. I am very proud that I've played a part in expanding the appreciation and knowledge of certain artists/genres. Funky Frolic isn't just about sharing music but sharing the JOY of music and if I've brought a little bit of happiness into the lives of others then I feel like I've done my job.

Blogging can be a tough business sometimes, especially when sharity is involved. Comments such as yours help me to maintain my resolve in the face of multiple challenges. I'll keep fighting the good fight until the inevitable death blow comes from Blogger or elsewhere. In the meantime I will continue to just enjoy myself and take it one post at a time.

I should point out that blogs such as Retro-teque, Val Verde and Dusty Shelf are the real leaders when it comes to library music. I consider myself a second tier enthusiast at best, in part because Funky Frolic only represents a small portion of my musical tastes.

That's bad news about Olyhay Arblesway. Ironically I never really got a chance to look at their stuff because whenever I tried to go there the site crashed my laptop (?).

I'd like to write more but it's the early hours of the morning here and I should really hit the sack. I hope that I continue to be a part of your musical journey in the future.


Anonymous said...

Mr Craig,

I also appreciate all your hard work and the time it takes to u/l and share your finds.

To me, its the knownledge and history shared in these columns that makes for interesting bite sized reading alongside the discovery of "new"(sic) music.

Alas it also makes me spend money on aquiring more CDs of current artists - which in itself is good but not for the bank account (although not on the 2nd hand library music LPs as they are just too expensive and hard to find).

Keep up the good work and its nice to see you post and comment on some of the CDs I own (amongst my large and often dubious CD collection).