Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Track 1 - Master Kirk / Francois Babin
Track 2 - Sub Friction / Pieree Babin
Track 3 - Speed Boating / Pierre Commandeur
Track 4 - Cairo Night / Francois Babin
Track 5 - Chris Tone / Pierre Commandeur
Track 6 - Magic Wonders / Pierre Commandeur
Track 7 - Twistin' Galaxy / Francois Babin
Track 8 - Top Secret Agent / Pierre Commandeur
Track 9 - Beach Boutique / Francois Babin
Track 10 - Media Code / Pierre Commandeur
Track 11 - Saturn Inhabitants / Francois Babin
Track 12 - Action Replay / Pierre Commandeur
Track 13 - From Uncle / Francois Babin
Track 14 - Spy Games / Pierre Commandeur
Track 15 - Strange Sunset / Francois Babin
Track 16 - Hawaiian Eye / Pierre Commandeur

Finding a perfect meeting point between spy jazz, surf rock and library music this compilation of Telemusic tracks lays on the grooves nice and thick. The music evokes images of James Bond kicking back on a beach in Hawaii, wearing his board shorts, with a cocktail in one hand and a gun in the other. The second half of the album has a number of particularly interesting tracks including "Strange Sunset", "Media Code" and the somewhat space themed "Action Replay" and "Saturn Inhabitants". If you are interested in a similar type album I'd also suggest downloading "Private Funktion" by Skeewiff. Hope you enjoy.


Anonymous said...

i dl'ed this from a site last year & was very impressed. you couldn't have put it better with the spy/surf/library tag. lots more guitar than usual, if i remember correctly, especially in a verbed-twang style.
i enjoyed the kraftwerk-tour....however, i had several dropouts on track 12. maybe a bad burn?
thanks for all your hard work.

Tex said...

Surf Spies to the rescue!

Love the "Secret Agent Man" riff in track 8.

(makes me wanna go Skeet Surfin')