Monday, October 31, 2011


Track 1 - Monster Cereal (Star Trek Promo)
Track 2 - Pink Panther Flakes
Track 3 - C3PO's Star Wars Cereal
Track 4 - Kellogg's OK's
Track 5 - Teaming Up With Mr.T
Track 6 - Gremlin's Cereal
Track 7 - Ghostbusters Cereal
Track 8 - Donkey Kong Cereal
Track 9 - Crispy Critters Cereal
Track 10 - Nintendo Cereal
Track 11 - Pac-Man Cereal

Sink your teeth into this! I have collected a bunch of 1980's cereal commercials featuring some of the more unusual cross promotions and wackiest scripting. Sadly the days of C3PO's and Nintendo Cereal System are long gone so this is my attempt at keeping the memories alive. Not only are the ads cool but the boxes can sell for plenty of money on ebay too...


litlgrey said...

Caution: May cause teeth to disintegrate...

verge said...

Wow, i used to love the Ghostbusters cereal. I also remember the Mr.T one but none of the others. Thanks for the share!

Joe said...

Another dynomight post!

Mr. Craig said...

Is it just me or do the Ghostbusters cereal look like pig snouts?