Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Track 1 - Le Bracelet / Alain Goraguer & Jean-Claude Petit
Track 2 - Psychedelic Portrait / Jack Arel
Track 3 - Going Out Of My Head / George Saxon
Track 4 - I Wonder / The Bubble Gum Machine
Track 5 - The Beggar Song / Wet Willie
Track 6 - Night Moves / F.McDonald & C.Rae
Track 7 - Funky Chimes / Francis Coppieters
Track 8 - Accadde A Bali / Arawak
Track 9 - Night Marchers / Medeski, Martin And Wood
Track 10 - The Moving Finger / Dorothy Ashby
Track 11 - Misty Canyon / Sven Libaek
Track 12 - Wenn Der Urlaub Kommt / Manfred Krug & G√ľnther Fischer-Quintett
Track 13 - Selected Sound / Hardy's Jet Band
Track 14 - Lovin' You Girl / John Schroeder

Dusty Fingers Volume 4 contains a couple of my favourite library music tracks of all time in the form of "Night Moves" and "Misty Canyon". Another absolute classic is "Sales Talk" by Francis Coppieters but despite Track 7 being listed under that title it is actually "Funky Chimes". Also featured is a track off the Accadde A album which you can download here. Either side of that block of library music are some nice psych and funky numbers that stay true to the Dusty Fingers formula of crate digging and super beats. Top notch stuff as always.

Please note - Some of you have commented on the incorrect titles and artist names that also seem to be a trademark of these compilations. I am endeavouring to change the offending titles where possible. Any help with identifying mistakes is appreciated.


Javier said...
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Javier said...
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dj ny said...

Misty Canyon is really good, thanks for posting.

Tex said...

ANY Library compilation with a piece used as incidentsl music in The Prisoner (track 2)
has GOT to be made of AWESOME and full of WIN! See The Prisoner-File #3 Track 10 (Record Street.)

Every piece of music is a soundtrack to a mini-movie.

(CROM, but I love Library!)