Friday, July 8, 2011


Track 1 - Time Is Passing / Sun
Track 2 - Kriminal Theme / Maledictus Sound
Track 3 - The Climb / Parry Music
Track 4 - Les Caids / Francois De Roubaix
Track 5 - In Necessity / Kerrie Biddell
Track 6 - Cohet / Ajijia Myrayebe
Track 7 - Fat Fat Fellow / Daniel Janin
Track 8 - Roots / Ian Carr
Track 9 - Drums / Niagra
Track 10 - Gloaming / L.Decosne
Track 11 - The Tense Scene / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 12 - Atlantis / R.M.O
Track 13 - Trying Hard To Look Inside / Waters
Track 14 - Stone Folk / The Adacements
Track 15 - Fragment Of Fear / Sight & Sound

Not my favourite volume in the series but with a few library tracks including an excellent number by Alan Hawkshaw you can't really go wrong. And to be fair, if this was any other compilation I would hold it in high regard but due to the level of quality with Dusty Fingers it drops down the order a bit. My pick of the bunch would be the very cool "Les Caids" by Francois De Roubaix. Thanks to the original uploader.


Tex said...

Definitely a heavy soundtrack feel to this one, possibly for a movie about some kind of criminal (make that Kriminal) activity. It's the lyrical content, I think, that gives it that feel (I'm used to instrumentals.)

Amusing note--I kept expecting some Laurie Johnson horns to kick in at any moment on track 9 (Drums.)

Yet another winner!

(rolling on to Vol.7)

Wolter said...

"Gloaming" is A1 shivers down the spine great