Monday, July 18, 2011


Track 1 - Solstice / Brian Bennett
Track 2 - Algebrique / Solche
Track 3 - Signals / Gerhard Trede And His Electronic Instruments
Track 4 - Mixed Drums / Andy Loore
Track 5 - Love Sounds / Intimate Strangers
Track 6 - Railroad / Monk Higgins
Track 7 - Caccia Al Cinese / Franco Micalizzi
Track 8 - Soft Wind / Gary Pacific Orchestra
Track 9 - Attention (Drum Beat) / Head West
Track 10 - Jane B / Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin
Track 11 - Bass In Action / Toni Rubio
Track 12 - Dirty Drugs / H. Thieme

You've got to love a compilation that starts off with Brian Bennett's "Solstice", even if it does cut off abruptly at 1:48 ( you can find the complete track here ). "Algebrique" is a real ear opener - it starts off sounding like an offcut from the Lost Highway soundtrack then wanders into a French style prog / jazz jam that just doesn't quit! "Mixed Drums" is a more straight ahead jazz number but also contains some wicked library music style drums and bass. "Love Sounds" is pure porn groove, "Railroad" is quintessential crime jazz and Franco Micalizzi also represents the crime genre with typically flair. "Soft Wind" is possibly my pick of the bunch but it has some stiff competition from the aforementioned tracks along with excellent compositions by Tonio Rubio and Serge Gainsbourg.

Simply put, this is essential listening for all Funky Frolicers. Go forth and download!


tomcrashkick said...

I am about to Frolic, thank you kindly sir!!!

Funkyfil44 said...

hum hum classic tune of jane birkin/serge Gainsbourg "JANE B"... I love this song ...
please give a post of mythic french JEAN CLAUDE PELLETIER "STREAKING" (now in reissue at VADIM MUSIC french reissue label)