Saturday, July 9, 2011


Track 1 - Who Is She And What Is She To You? / Madeline
Track 2 - Rose Len / Lennie Hibbert
Track 3 - Atlanta Inn / Janne Schaffer
Track 4 - Space / Tomorrow
Track 5 - L'oiseau / Alain Goraguer
Track 6 - Come Live With Me / Dorothy Ashby
Track 7 - Walter L / Jimmy Gordon
Track 8 - The Mudfoot / Fat Albert
Track 9 - Hey Jude / Tuby Hayes
Track 10 - Monday Monday / Wally Richardson
Track 11 - Micky Mouse Club / Mike Curb Congregation
Track 12 - The Godfather / The Professionals
Track 13 - Grigio Perla / Gian Franco Pienzio
Track 14 - We've Only Just Begun / Grant Green

Unlike the previous volumes I have posted this one is firmly rooted within the genres of rare groove and soul. The main exceptions would be a rather groovy version of the Micky Mouse Club theme and a novelty number featuring Fat Albert. The covers of "Hey Jude" and "The Godfather" are sensational, in particular the latter which is given a very Phase 6 Super Stereo style workout. The inclusion of tracks by Alain Goraguer and Grant Green is welcome. I have to mention "Who Is She And What Is She To You?" aswell because not only is it fantastic but also because it will be instantly recognisable to music fans in my home city due to it being sampled by popular hip hop group Hilltop Hoods.


Tex said...

We're in harder-boiled territory here.

Track 4 sounds like something from a 70s detective show soundtrack, so we'll go with it being the soundtrack to a hard-hitting "movie of the week."

Track 8 (The Mudfoot) is what's playing on a TV in the background of an apartment the detective breaks into. And Tuby Hayes' Hey Jude is used because the producers couldn't afford the real thing, yah? The same with the other cover tracks.

Yup, that's what this is--the soundtrack to a moderately-budgeted ABC Monday Night Movie of the Week!

(y'all can come up with yer own title for it)

bark said...

Thanks for sharing this great series.

However, there is a minor spelling error on the track list: Track #3 is by the very talented Swedish guitarist Janne Schaffer.

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks bark. I've found it hard to get the proper track names. The rips I have clearly contain several spelling mistakes as does the wiki page for Dusty Fingers so I've kinda been groping for the right names. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I love your site and your taste in music! Thanks so very much!