Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Download here

Track 1 - Hogans Thing / Simon Haseley
Track 2 - Who's Who / Fred Merret & Friends
Track 3 - Daydream / Bernard Wystraete
Track 4 - Lightly Salted / Barry Ungar
Track 5 - Bad Times / Gerard McManon
Track 6 - Jamie's Theme / Harnell
Track 7 - Super Snatch / Flash Fearless
Track 8 - Pull Jabal Pull / J.J Johnson
Track 9 - Interlude / Brand New Funk
Track 10 - Being Tailed / Roy Budd
Track 11 - Drummin' / Bill Near
Track 12 - War On The Streets / Head Band
Track 13 - La Morte Accarezza a Mezzanotte/ Ed Ariete
Track 14 - Improv / Ron Tutt & Jim Keltner

Volume 9 has a really nice down tempo vibe that combines well with the crazy drum breaks that are a trademark of the Dusty Fingers series. Things start off well with the familiar library track "Hogan's Thing" and the quality remains high right up until "La Morte Accarezza a Mezzanotte" which in my opinion rises above everything else. There is a couple of straight up drum tracks, a nice funk number in the form of "Super Snatch" and a classic slice of Roy Budd magic. I'm sure there is more than enough cool grooves on this album to hold you interest.


Tex said...

Any album that opens with a track used in The Sweeney is gonna be a large slice of WIN!

This 9th DF maintains the quality heard on the 10th volume, so it looks like the run's gonna be a solid 10 for 10 (I seriously doubt they threw boring tracks on earlier albums to build up to the later ones, yah?)

(who will listen to, and report on, the 8th volume tomorrow)

Mr. Craig said...

Thank you so much for your comments Tex. They are always appreciated.

Anonymous said...

The link is to an "unknown file type" (not any kind of music file). Is this correct?
Thanks for these comps, they RULE!

Mr. Craig said...

@ Anon - I don't know why the heck that is happening. It wasn't like that before. I'll try to find an alternative link for you.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for fixing the link Mr. Craig! I have REALLY been enjoying these comps...sweet!

Any chance that the Missus Beastly Space Guerilla can be fixed? It looks killer but neither link is working for me. All the other DF comps have DLed no problemo.
many thanks & peace

Mr. Craig said...

I'll try to get to Missus Beastly after work tomorrow.