Saturday, July 2, 2011


Track 1 - KG Intro / Unknown
Track 2 - Son Of Popcorn / Franz Auffray
Track 3 - The Unknown / Brian Bennett
Track 4 - Light My Fire / Johnny Harris
Track 5 - Impulsion Drums / Barry Cooper
Track 6 - Drum Skit 1 / Unknown
Track 7 - Drum Skit 2 / Unknown
Track 8 - Botte De Cuire / Chapeau
Track 9 - Requiem Pour Un Con / Serge Gainsbourg
Track 10 - Sand And Rain Soup / Nancy Holloway
Track 11 - Letrange Dr Personne / Carvelli
Track 12 - Relaxed Spacious / Alan Parker
Track 13 - Incidental Backcloth / Keith Mansfield
Track 14 - Drum Skit 3 / Unknown

For those who are unfamiliar, Dusty Fingers is a compilation series which over the course of many volumes has delved into the world of library music, rare groove and forgotten beats. The results have been stunning and continue to be a gold mine for DJ's, producers and music fans alike. Sometimes the tracks are pared down to highlight the funkiest moments and sweetest drum breaks; this means there is rarely a dull moment as the listener is pummelled with fantastic music.

Volume 10 features a strong set of gems with Brian Bennett, Alan Parker and Keith Mansfield representing the library music scene. Track 1 is listed here as "KG Intro" but I have seen it titled as "Space Guerilla" by Missus Beastley. Also "Drum Skit 2" is unmistakably "Zouche Drums 3" by David Holland which features on Luke Vibert's Nuggets. I'm sure there will be someone out there who can identify the other "Drum Skits". The tracks always have something unique about them which makes you want to listen again and again, whether it be a particular beat, piano line or horn solo.

Stay tuned because I will count down to Volume 1 over the course of the next month or so. Trust me, each addition is as good as the last. Thanks to the original uploader.


Martooni said...

Have not kept up with these. Looking forward to #1, thanks Mate.

Maestro said...

Thanks for great albums shared here!

Is there any luck someone may share the following record?

Piet Van Meren & The Flying Dutchmen – Contrasts
Label:Programme Music
Catalog#:PM 002
Format:Vinyl, LP

Tex said...

Not a dud in the bunch on this one! And since they always put the best stuff in the earlier volumes, we're gonna be hit with EVEN MORE AWESOME as we listen our way to the first volume.

GREAT find, Mr.C!

(Man, this is gonna be like a "Top 10 Countdown" of AWESOME!)

tomcrashkick said...

Thank you kindly for the consistent enlightenment. I am getting a good education here. -David