Wednesday, April 4, 2012


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Track 1 - G-Plan
Track 2 - Montparnasse
Track 3 - Sell Me Back My Soul
Track 4 - Hub 100
Track 5 - Evelsong
Track 6 - 123 (Brillo's Beat)
Track 7 - Delia Derbyshire
Track 8 - Nuada
Track 9 - A12
Track 10 - This Is Radio Theydon 

Any album that references classic library music labels such as Montparnasse and L'Illustration Musicale along with naming a track after Delia Derbyshire is alright with me. The music is a little hard to describe, I could certainly draw parallels between the first two tracks and the work of David Holmes and Air. "Hub 100" drifts more into the realm of ambient hip hop while "123 (Brillo's Beat)" and "Delia Derbyshire" obviously draw their influences from library music. I also really like the piano based "A12" which sounds a touch like the beginning of the wonderful "La Mer" by Nine Inch Nails. The two vocal tracks on the album didn't appeal to me but overall I found it an engaging and enjoyable listen.

Jon Brooks is the man behind King Of Woolworths and he's also released music under the names of D.D. Denham and The Advisory Circle. I'd strongly recommend you check out these recordings because they seem like they'd also appeal to fans of production music.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this is what the internet has come to. Looks like we will have to get off our asses and look for the hard copies, or actually buy em. Appreciate everything up until this point man, keep on doing what you do. I've learned a whole lot from this site and you've turned me onto a genre I was a bit skeptical of. The fact that one person can make such an impact is ridiculous, mad props!

el hombre invisible said...

Good album - I like Jon's work, but didn't know about this. He's wearing his influences on his sleeve, as you say, but with 'Music For Thomas Carnacki' I think he really found his own voice brilliantly. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Mr. Craig, you've made me very happy. When pop music heavily skews towards a sound fronted and marketed by hype...finding a filter for reliably good (and funky) music that stands on its own (without the over-marketed associations) is a rare treasure.

Also, your descriptions are spot-on.

a new fan