Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Download here

Track 1 - Action Report
Track 2 - Action Report Alt. End
Track 3 - What's New
Track 4 - Madison Avenue
Track 5 - Madison Avenue Alt. End
Track 6 - Update
Track 7 - Corporate Image
Track 8 - Data Base
Track 9 - Pegasus 1
Track 10 - Pegasus 2
Track 11 - Pegasus 3
Track 12 - Origin
Track 13 - In The Past 1
Track 14 - In The Past 2
Track 15 - New Concept 1
Track 16 - New Concept 2
Track 17 - Organisation 1
Track 18 - Organisation 2
Track 19 - Pristine
Track 20 - Inauguration 1
Track 21 - Inauguration 2

This mid 1980's Bruton by Trevor Bastow and Patrick Wilson is primarily made up of tracks that are suitable for corporate training videos. It's fairly lightweight stuff, mainly comprising synths and drum machines but it's good fun trying to imagine how the music ended up being used. "Corporate Image" has a nice, restrained intensity that I quite enjoyed and "What's New" is probably the closest any of these tracks get to being "funky".

Sure, this record doesn't rate as one of the classics of the Bruton library but I found it to be a pleasant enough listen. Hopefully some of you will feel the same way. Credit goes to Judge Dredd for the original upload.


Tex said...

At :41 and 1:42, this track shows a DEFINITE late-70s vibe, for which I, Captain 70s am MOST grateful.

Mine, I think!

(thanks again for the chance to hear another AWESOME album, Mr.C!)

Frank Chickens said...

No, you're wrong.

It's just another great Bruton which should be appreciated and enjoyed by all.

Thanks for sharing. :)

Maïorov Simpleton said...

thanks again !