Monday, April 2, 2012


Download here

Track 1 - Soul Intro
Track 2 - Joomla
Track 3 - Hipped To The Dip
Track 4 - Batting Zero-Zero
Track 5 - Jazz Intermezzo
Track 6 - The Hipster
Track 7 - The Man With The Dirty Finger (Clint Eastwood Version)
Track 8 - Turtle Walk
Track 9 - Keyed Out
Track 10 - Memphis Boogaloo
Track 11 - The One With Lyrics
Track 12 - Do The Rad Snapper
Track 13 - Soul Outro

I was doing some random internet searches and came up with this cool act from the Netherlands. The Rare Groove Orchestra are deceptively named because the music they play has very little in common with any rare groove I have heard before. Their sound is centered much more around Hammond funk and soul, stylistically they also share some common ground ( and band members ) with The Soul Snatchers.

This live performance showcases their skills with most of the tracks being uptempo jams that exceed the 5 minute mark. You can almost feel the sweet dripping from the band members as they turn out relentlessly funky grooves for over an hour. While I usually like a bit more variety in an album than what's on offer here there is no denying the talent on display, they know what they're good at and they stick to it. Anyone who enjoys modern funk should find plenty of enjoyment within this collection.

I initially saw "Dancing With Cows" at itunes for $16.99, then went to the RGO website to discover they were giving the album away for free. Quite strange and probably quite annoying for those who have already paid for it.


Veda said...

Good to see you live n kickin. Man even if you post one record a year i would visit every day .Much love.
Nice record , type like scooby doo all grown up smokin ganja. Even the video looks like they're getting it on in the 70's. Groovy as hell.
PS i just came across a brilliant soundtrack (i didnt see the movie yet) that might be right up your alley.Hope you enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Way to get back in the saddle!! Downloading now.

CBlack said...

The music is nice and funky, but that damned emcee makes me want to blow my brains out. Can't take it.