Monday, April 23, 2012


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Track 1 - Collect
Track 2 - Beat Me Til I'm Blue
Track 3 - Hawkwind And Fire
Track 4 - Girl In A Sports Car
Track 5 - The Speed Of Sound
Track 6 - Hot Seat
Track 7 - Delivery Date
Track 8 - Tap Footer
Track 9 - Flashpoint
Track 10 - Bluebird
Track 11 - Mini Micro
Track 12 - Organ Glitz
Track 13 - Troubleshooter 2
Track 14 - Undergroove
Track 15 - Beat Boutique
Track 16 - Man Of The World
Track 17 - Current Affairs
Track 18 - Playmate
Track 19 - Limit Of Endurance

Here is the first installment of the new and improved Legends Of Library series, featuring the one and only Alan Hawkshaw. I have added 23 new tracks, many of them will already be familiar to fans of the Hawk but a few might have slipped under the radar. There's a nice mix of funk, jazz, easy listening and go go which showcases the incredible talents possessed by arguable the most famous library music composer of all time. These tracks have been sourced from a number of different compilations along with selected Bruton and KPM releases. I hope you enjoy this and feel free to check out Part 2 which can be downloaded here!


Tex said...

The Hawk RULZ (as do you, Mr.C!)

(Mo' Hawk!)

Easywind said...

Great Compilation - Thanx A Lot!

Anonymous said...

Hey Amigo,
A maioria dos links estão off

Mr. Craig said...

Dear Anon, I just checked every link and 8 out of 9 are active and functioning.