Thursday, April 12, 2012


Download here

Track 1 - Speed Trap
Track 2 - Track Record
Track 3 - Race With Time
Track 4 - Fun Seeker
Track 5 - Hair Raiser
Track 6 - Stay With It
Track 7 - Inflation
Track 8 - Great Technique
Track 9 - Hard Hitter
Track 10 - No Way
Track 11 - Three's A Crowd
Track 12 - Big Dipper
Track 13 - Decisive Action
Track 14 - Challenger
Track 15 - Superdrive

As I mentioned in my last post I've been rather bored tonight so I just decided to check out some of my favourite blogs. It turns out my man Retronic over at Retro-Teque has been on an uploading tear which has resulted in several great library records and compilations becoming available online. One of his most recent posts is "Hard Hitter" by Keith Papworth, an album that I have been lusting after for quite some time.

Ever since I heard the title track featured on the "Bite Hard" compilation it has been one of my most loved pieces of library music. The combination of subterranean bass and hard-as-nails breakbeats fitted my tastes so perfectly it was like the track had been made specifically for me. When I discovered there was a record of the same name I knew I had to hear it. Thanks to the generosity of Retronic that has now happened and I am pleased to report that all the qualities that make "Hard Hitter" such an epic piece of music translate through to the other 14 tracks on the album.

"Hair Raiser" and "Track Record" have bobbed up on other comps before but every single moment of this collection is deliberate, precise and next level funky. Several times while listening to this I actually went weak at the knees as if I was a giddy schoolgirl at a Justin Beiber concert. it really is that good.

I know music appreciation is a subjective matter but I am comfortable calling "Hard Hitter" the best library record I have ever heard. It boggles my mind to think that De Wolfe haven't seen fit to make this collection commercially available, I'm sure it would sell through the roof. So please make it a priority to download this because you never know with the file sharing situation how long some of these gems will be available. And be sure to leave a message for Retro if you enjoy "Hard Hitter" even half as much as I do.

For those who haven't been to Retro-Teque before, you can locate the download files by hovering your cursor over the underlined words in the post.


Anonymous said...

- to alleviate your boredom, could you re-up Metropolis?

Mr. Craig said...

I think it added to my boredom more than anything else but I've done that for you.

SpaceD-Boogie said...

I found this blog the other day, so many tunes I havent seen anywhere else. I thought I'd give you the heads up incase you missed it.

Wilbert said...

Only recently discovered this wonderful blog. Already hooked. The Keith Papworth-Hard Hitter clip really hits my sweet spot. Any chance you could do a re up?