Thursday, April 5, 2012


Download here

Track 1 - Release Of Energy (a)
Track 2 - Release Of Energy (Link)
Track 3 - Release Of Energy (b)
Track 4 - Power Pulse
Track 5 - Power Pulse (Link 1)
Track 6 - Power Pulse (Link2)
Track 7 - Classical Concussion
Track 8 - Sheer Release (a)
Track 9 - Sheer Release (b)
Track 10 - Sheer Release (Link)
Track 11 - Air Streams (a)
Track 12 - Air Streams (b)
Track 13 - Classical Peace (a)
Track 14 - Classical Peace (b)
Track 15 - Classical Revival (a)
Track 16 - Classical Revival (b)
Track 17 - Power Games
Track 18 - Risk Runner (a)
Track 19 - Risk Runner (b)
Track 20 - Risk Runner (c)

"Classical Concussion" contains a variety of action and drama themed tracks that incorporate stringed instruments with funky guitar and drums. Quite a bit of this music reminds me more of Bruton's BRK or BRH series rather than KPM's I've heard before. There is certainly a bit of 80's cheesiness lurking around but Monkman is a skilled composer and there's often unexpected and intriguing detours such as on the barnstorming "Power Games" ( co written with Malcolm Ironton ). "Classical Revival" is excellent and has a super groovy undercurrent and I also particularly liked the lush but restrained "Sheer Release" which has a bit of a crime funk vibe.

This isn't the best KPM by a long shot but it has some worthwhile elements and a couple of hidden gems. Cheers to the uploader.


Tex said...

Another KPM I didn't have, but now it's MINE!

Thank you, Mr.C!

(who wants the complete set)

Anonymous said...

80s cheese?? this album was 1977

Mr. Craig said...

1979 actually. It was ahead of its time in the cheese department : )