Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Track 1 - Ide Dalej / Halina Frackowiak
Track 2 - Zyj Sobie Sam / Zdzislawa Sosnicka
Track 3 - Atma / Niebiesko & Czarni
Track 4 - Do Tych Dni, Kolorowych Dni / Wojciech Skowronski
Track 5 - Skad My To Znamy / Krzysztof Sadowski And His Hammond Organ
Track 6 - Alfa Centaura / Grupa Organowa Krzysztofa Sadowskiego
Track 7 - Oczy Ci Zaslonie / Maciej Kossowski
Track 8 - Zechcesz Mnie Zechcesz / Czeslaw Niemen and Enigmatic
Track 9 - Palamakia / SBB
Track 10 - Ksiezniczka / Andrzej Zaucha
Track 11 - Blues and Rock / Wojciech Skowronski
Track 12 - Wodo, Zimna Wodo / Halina Frackowiak

Here is a review from Dusty Groove...

"A definite "unique selection" of grooves here - not just because the rare tracks are all from 70s Poland, but also because most of them have never been reissued either! The package is a wonderful introduction to the kinds of grooves we've been digging from Poland for years - that mad mix of jazz, funk, fusion, electric, and vocal elements that somehow managed to flourish wonderfully during the 70's years of Soviet control - a real musical marvel, considering the setting - and because of tight border control, very few of these tunes ever made it out to the west! The track selection differs a fair bit from the kinds of full length Polish jazz albums that have been released to date - as many of the titles here are groovier, funkier, and more electric - and in case you're wondering, there's also very little crossover with the Compost Polish jazz set from a few years back."

Please note - this rip is missing Track 9. I will post Volune 1 tomorrow.

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