Friday, June 17, 2011


Track 1 - Man And Superman / Francis Monkman
Track 2 - The Dawn Of An Era / Francis Monkman
Track 3 - The Endurance Of Man / Francis Monkman
Track 4 - The Achievements Of Man / Francis Monkman
Track 5 - The Achievements Of Man Link / Francis Monkman
Track 6 - Productivity / Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti
Track 7 - Pacewaves / Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti
Track 8 - Urgent Delivery / Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti
Track 9 - Progress With Percussion / Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti
Track 10 - Move On / Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti
Track 11 - Short Of Time / Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti
Track 12 - Cargo / Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti
Track 13 - Pistons / Jim Lawless
Track 14 - Rotary / Jim Lawless
Track 15 - Experiment With Danger / Jim Lawless
Track 16 - Place To Place / Steve Gray
Track 17 - Revolving Patterns / Keith Mansfield
Track 18 - Perpetual Movement / Keith Mansfield
Track 19 - Design Centre / John Cameron

What starts off as a fairly standard early 80's Bruton becomes far more interesting mid album with the mix of traditional and electronic instruments along with some truly excellent composing taking things to a higher level. "Move On" is just outrageously good while "Cargo" is a slow burner that has some outstanding xylophone playing incorporated. The Jim Lawless tracks are thoroughly weird and wonderful, Steve Gray's melancholic "Place To Place" is a winner and Keith Mansfield and John Cameron finish off the record in style. I was really taken aback by much of what I heard on BRL 03 and I hope that you find the same level of enjoyment. Thanks to the Offline Vintage Library Emporium for this link.

Please note - Track 2 cuts off early, you can download the full song here.


Tex said...

Another Bruton! VOOTIE!

However, track 2 (the one I REALLY wanted, natch) has some issues. There's a "wow" at :59, then at 1:00 it sounds like the original uploader's hard drive got hiccups. We get "wowed" again at 2:35, then the track ends abruptly.

On an amusing note, track 4 is a riff of Vangelis' "Pulstar"

(who had hoped to finally get a good copy of the track used as the theme to Invasion:UFO)

Mr. Craig said...

I was counting down the hours until someone mentioned Track 2. I'll see what I can do about finding another copy but don't hold your breath.

Mr. Craig said...

Well, maybe you should have held your breath because it took me about 30 seconds to find that track for you. The link is in the post if you didn't notice it already. Enjoy.

Tex said...

Thanks, Mr.C! Yer tha GREATEST!

(MUSIC GEEK NOTE -- it was also used in a watch ad in the film Blue Thunder)

Américo said...

Mr. Craig, Fabulous!

The first track (Man & Superman) for me is the best one!
So, I'm a fan of your blog and postings, mainly the Bruton, KPM and Advertisign Music fields =)

Do you have any more Bruton Albuns (besides you have here) to share with us? That'd be marvelous!