Thursday, June 16, 2011


Track 1 - Handmade By Robots
Track 2 - The Plus Factor A
Track 3 - The Plus Factor B
Track 4 - Microchip Revolution A
Track 5 - Microchip Revolution B
Track 6 - Microchip Revolution C
Track 7 - Energy Flow A
Track 8 - Energy Flow B
Track 9 - Energy Flow C
Track 10 - International Report A
Track 11 - International Report B
Track 12 - International Report C
Track 13 - International Report D
Track 14 - International Report E
Track 15 - International Report F
Track 16 - International Report G
Track 17 - Wide Horizons A
Track 18 - Wide Horizons B
Track 19 - Wide Horizons C
Track 20 - Wide Horizons D
Track 21 - Wide Horizons E
Track 22 - Wide Horizons F
Track 23 - Wide Horizons G
Track 24 - High Flying
Track 25 - Technology And Movement A
Track 26 - Technology And Movement B
Track 27 - Technology And Movement C
Track 28 - Passport International A
Track 29 - Passport International B
Track 30 - Passport International C
Track 31 - Force Majeure

Back to the 1980's once again with another compelling KPM care of Keith Mansfield. It may be packed to the brim with synths and drum machines but you'd be a brave person to call this album cheesy. "Force Majeuer", "Microchip Revolution A", "Handmade By Robots" and the hip hop-esque "The Plus Factor A" all showcase Mansfield's deft touch with whatever he put his mind to. Many of these tracks would have made perfect themes for news or current affairs programmes back in the day but even now they hold plenty of interest for library music enthusiasts. As I mentioned last month this album is quite similar in style to KPM 1240 "Action World" so I would recommend checking that one out also.


vasco said...

"Microchip revolution" was used as background music in this documentary:
(also some were taken from Bruton BRI 6
and KPM 1235)

Ah !
Any help on identifying the songs in this one ?
some are from Bruton BRI 11.
What about the others ?

Mr. Craig said...

I had a look at the video but couldn't recognise those songs. They all sound very Bruton though. Sorry I couldn't help.

Legomegacy said...

awesome my cup of tea. if you ever get a chance And you happen to have the following I am dying to hear KPM 1246,1251 or 12 59.
Thanks either way you are the best

Anonymous said...

Thank you!