Saturday, June 11, 2011


Track 1 - Coffy Is The Color / Roy Ayers
Track 2 - Blacula / Gene Page
Track 3 - Shaft In Africa / Johnny Pate
Track 4 - Brother's Gonna Work It Out / Willie Hutch
Track 5 - Charley / Don Costa
Track 6 - "T" Plays It Cool / Marvin Gaye
Track 7 - Across 110th Street / Bobby Womack
Track 8 - Willie Chase / J.J Johnson
Track 9 - Down And Out In New York City / James Brown
Track 10 - They Call Me MISTER Tibbs / Quincy Jones
Track 11 - Keep On Movin' On / Martha Reeves
Track 12 - Theme From Black Belt Jones / Dennis Coffey
Track 13 - Freddie's Dead / Curtis Mayfield
Track 14 - Wilford's Gone / The Blackbyrds
Track 15 - Theme Of Foxy Brown / Willie Hutch
Track 16 - Run Fay Run / Isaac Hayes

Subtitled "The Music And Politics Of Black Action Films 1968-75" this 2 CD set provides a comprehensive and utterly enjoyable journey through the music that played such a huge part in the success of blaxploitation films during that era. The soundtracks for these films were scored by some of the biggest names in funk and soul - James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Quincy Jones, Curtis Mayfield and Isaac Hayes all contributed their considerable talents. Horn jabs, wah wah guitar, luscious orchestration and frequent breakbeats mixed with impassioned singing resulted in many of these soundtracks maintaining their popularity right up to this day and their impact on the hip hop scene is undeniable. 

The casual listener should instantly recognise classics such as "Freddie's Dead", "They Call Me MISTER Tibbs" and "Across 110th Street" but my personal favourites would be the oft sampled "Theme From Black Belt Jones" and the irresistible "Down And Out In New Your City" by soul brother number 1 himself James Brown. "Run Fay Run" by Isaac Hayes is also a standout with it's frenetic funk stylings.

A fascinating 100 page booklet is included with the CD's and it outlines the rise in popularity of black action films in the early 70's along with the challenges faced by the filmmakers and actors involved. Needless to say I recommend you all go out and purchase this collection because it is an indispensable time capsule...and in my opinion some of the greatest music ever produced.


Funkyfil44 said...

certainly the most famous BLAXPLOITATION compilation .
respect to STUART BAKER (the creator of SOUL JAZZ RECORDS UK reissue label) to have personnaly autographed my albums ....
As you demand if you buy on his web site he send you a signed copy.

HappyBob said...

An amazing compilation that kicked open the doors to a genuine, nonironic love of blaxploitation music. Thanks for getting this out there. I hope many others get just as much out of it.