Friday, June 3, 2011


Track 1 - Text / Patton Oswalt
Track 2 - A Night Out With Kanye West / Aziz Ansari
Track 3 - Monkey Birthday / Brian Posehn
Track 4 - Bad Parents / Anthony Jeselnik
Track 5 - Let's Argue! / Dana Gould
Track 6 - Obama...And Time Travel / Patton Oswalt
Track 7 - Divisive Banner Ads / Eugene Mirman
Track 8 - The Salt And Pepper Diner / John Mulaney
Track 9 - Sky Cake / Patton Oswalt
Track 10 - Porno For Parents / Mike Birbiglia
Track 11 - Sheets / Aziz Ansari
Track 12 - Underdeveloped Sexual Fantasies / Jen Kirkman
Track 13 - Stromboli / Paul F. Tompkins
Track 14 - Cracka  / Mike Birbiglia
Track 15 - My Cousin Harris / Aziz Ansari
Track 16 - Whiskey And Weed And L.S.D / Patton Oswalt
Track 17 - Blackberry / Marc Maron
Track 18 - Seduction / Anthony Jeselnik
Track 19 - Go Ask Alice / Paul F. Tompkins

Here's something a little different, a compilation I've put together of some of the best American stand up comics in the scene today. If you like to laugh and aren't easily offended then you should get a kick out of these guys ( and girl ). I'm thinking about posting some of the original albums these tracks came from so if you have a certain comedian from the above list that you enjoy then leave me a message. Please note - in my rush to upload this I didn't tag it properly so you might need to move a few tracks around to get the above playlist. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

much appreciated and thank you stuff like this is great as well as funky psychedelic music. and if you have it the comedian called the jazz comedian would be a special treat

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I enjoy Mike Birbiglia's sense of humor.