Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Track 1 - Sorcerer / Big Band Katowice
Track 2 - You Want Too Much / ABC
Track 3 - Shaft Theme / Henryk Debich
Track 4 - Introduction / Novi Singers
Track 5 - See You At The Disco Tonight / Henryk Debich
Track 6 - Listen To The Rhythm / Breakout
Track 7 - Note In A Crest / Jerzy Milian
Track 8 - Pass The Pile Of Piles / Grazyna Lobaszewska I Ergo Band
Track 9 - Qualified Galley Slave / Piotr Figiel
Track 10 - Whatcha Doin' Mister? / Bemibek
Track 11 - Coda / Czerwone Gitary
Track 12 - Agent 008 / Piotr Figiel Ensemble
Track 13 - How Can I Stand It? / Kombi

Who knew the Poles could be so damn funky! This truly wild collection falls somewhere between blaxploitation funk and the kind of grooves prevalent in Germany and France during the same period. The majority of tracks have a rich, deep sound that is often complimented by horns and organ ( "Qualified Galley Slave" been the finest example of this ). "Coda" is a standout with its driving guitars and hypnotic beat while "Note In A Crest" is more on the jazzy side. "Shaft Theme" by Henryk Debich would be a highlight on most other compilations but here it is overshadowed by the quality surrounding it. The mix of crime jazz and euro funk is thoroughly enjoyable and quite different from the vibe on Volume 2 which leans towards rare groove . In summary - it is one of the most unique and groovy funk compilations you are ever likely to hear!


upkerry14 said...

Super! and thank you for the MU link. B

Yetixtc said...

Another stellar post. Although Coda was certainly a standout I found myself playing the infectious happy funk Agent 008 over and over again. Thnx