Monday, June 20, 2011


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Track 1 - Phunky Fanfare / Keith Mansfield & Si Begg
Track 2 - Lounging At Dave's / Alan Hawkshaw & A.Skillz
Track 3 - Sound Clash Superstars / Johnny Pearson & Si Begg
Track 4 - 4 O'Clock Rumble / John Cameron & A.Skillz
Track 5 - Mashup In Memphis / Johnny Pearson & Futurecast
Track 6 - Spaced Out Sportsgirl / Alan Hawkshaw & Si Begg
Track 7 - The Sample Syndicate / Syd Dale & The Karminsky Experience
Track 8 - Beat Match Until I'm Blue / Alan Hawkshaw & Andrew Kingslow
Track 9 - Sharp Shooter / Alan Hawkshaw & The Bush Doctors
Track 10 - French Lick / David Lindup & Si Begg
Track 11 - Party House Pop / Keith Mansfield & Futurecast
Track 12 - So Nice / Alan Moorhouse & Slyde
Track 13 - Get On The Scene / Keith Mansfield & Grinny Gandad
Track 14 - Rocky Runabout Remix / Alan Hawkshaw & SuperFrank
Track 15 - Midnight Manoeuvres / Tony Kinsey & Tim Love Lee
Track 16 - Mix Master Mania / Alan Hawkshaw & Keith Mansfield, Si Begg
Track 17 - Soul Scratchers / Alan Moorhouse, Unusual & Electric
Track 18 - 4am Breakdown / John Cameron & Domu
Track 19 - Turntablist In A Sportscar / Alan Hawkshaw & Aldo Vanucci
Track 20 - Stop, Look And Sample / David Lindup & SuperFrank
Track 21 - Original Mania / Hawkshaw, Mansfield, Karminsky Experience
Track 22 - Happy Days Dub / Johnny Pearson & The Karminsky Experience
Track 23 - Tap To The Rhythm / Alan Hawkshaw & Slyde
Track 24 - Teenage Renegade / Keith Mansfield & Justin Langlands

"Bootleg Beats" takes classic KPM tracks by Hawkshaw, Mansfield, Pearson etc. and gives them the remix treatment. Some of you may view this as being sacrilegious but in my opinion the results are pretty good, especially the mixes by The Karminsky Experience and Si Begg. Library music has been used as sample fodder for many years so it's good to hear the original material placed at the forefront here. Highlights include the laid back "Midnight Manoeuvres", Si Begg's take on "Funky Fanfare" and the excellent "Teenage Renegade" by Justin Langlands. Alan Hawkshaw is featured heavily with his trademark organ numbers making a good fit for this concept ( probably the best example is "Original Mania" which uses "Organ Mania" from KPM 1027 ). You can find a similar album available for download here.


Anonymous said...

The worst i ever heard. unbelievable. sounds cheap. maybe i spend my cubase to kpm.

Mr. Craig said...

Ha! Fair enough, I knew this album would divide opinion. I hope there is other music at Funky Frolic you enjoy though...

DJ Sentinel 1 said...

This record rocks the house! Guy who made that first comment is crazy!!!

Kwipper Ursus said...

It would seem that this entire album is featured in the game "Saints Row 3"

Anonymous said...

BernardP says: It's a great recording. I love it. Thanks for sharing it.

OldMate said...

Can I get a mirror link? The main link has been removed...