Sunday, October 9, 2011


Track 1 - Cream Streets Theme
Track 2 - Peach Fuzz
Track 3 - Dick Goes Down
Track 4 - Dirty Pimp (Cum Lin's Theme)
Track 5 - Putana Rodriguez
Track 6 - Deep Inside Peach
Track 7 - Get Peach Fuzz
Track 8 - Peach Pie
Track 9 - In The Way Of Dick
Track 10 - Dreaming Of Dick
Track 11 - Dick Creeps In
Track 12 - Dick Saves Peach
Track 13 - Cream Streets Outro
Track 14 - Dick Daggers Theme (76 Remix)
Track 15 - Cream Streets Trailer

This is the second attempt by Pornosonic to create a fake soundtrack of 1970's porn grooves ( you can download the first album here ). There's more of a well rounded feel to "Cream Streets", the fuzzy guitars and deep bass are still present ofcourse but they are complimented by keyboards, sax and flute. While you would have to be pretty naive to mistake this for a vintage soundtrack, the performances are very good and you even get a humorous mock "trailer" at the end of the album. It's all good fun and well worth the download. Enjoy!

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Dude, I'm in heaven! Thank you for these gifts!

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