Sunday, October 16, 2011


Track 1 - You, You're The One! (Latin Rhythm Instrumental)
Track 2 - You, You're The One! (Peggy Lee)
Track 3 - You, You're The One! (Main Street Singers)
Track 4 - You, You're The One! (Stylistics)
Track 5 - You, You're The One! (Fries TV Soundtrack)
Track 6 - You, You're The One! (Jose Feliciano)

The sound quality may be less than perfect but there's no doubting the kitsch level on this promotional record put out by McDonald's. The album features six versions of "You, You're The One!", each with their own musical style and variations on the main lyrics. I'm not sure if this was given its own release or was handed out free to customers but it would be reasonable to assume it's quite a rare collection. A perfect accompaniment to your next Happy Meal!

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