Thursday, September 22, 2011


I found this little gem over at the excellent Henry Krinkle's House Of Sound. It is a barnstorming, ass kicking collection of radio spots from all the greatest blaxploitation films of the 1970's. I'm only a third of the way through the album as I type this but I'm already in love, it is the perfect melting pot of advertising music, corniness and damn funky grooves! The voice overs are just classic and it's easy to imagine sitting in a cinema sometime in 1974 watching a preview for one of these movies. This could be my favourite discovery of 2011. Awesome!


Anonymous said...

What a spectacular site you have here! I LOVE this stuff, and share, to a great extent, your tastes (impeccable as they are!)

Thank you for your hard work and commitment to keep Funky Frolic up and running, and the fans happy!

This isn't my first visit, nor will it be my last, but I just felt like some appreciation and love needed to be shown.

Anonymous said...

thank you! Wonderful blog with the best music. Way to go!

Ricardo said...


Olá senhor Craig, como vai você?

Meu nome é Ricardo, moro no Brasil, e vim lhe dizer que achei o seu blog fantástico! Não é sempre que encontramos na internet, um blog com um acervo musical tão grande como esse! Aqui no Brasil é difícil de achar pessoas e bandas que gostem de jazz e seus derivados (como funky, groovy, etc). O seu blog está na lista dos meus sites favoritos. Parabéns por este excelente trabalho

Mr. Craig said...

Lord Craig, how are you? My name is Richard, live in Brazil, and came to tell you that I found your fantastic blog! It is not always that we find on the internet, a blog with a musical collection as great as this! Here in Brazil is difficult to find people and bands who like jazz and its derivatives (such as funky, groovy, etc). Your blog is on the list of my favorite sites. Congratulations for this excellent work.

Thank you very much Ricardo! I'm glad that you have found music you enjoy at Funky Frolic. I hope you find some more in the future!

Mr. Craig said...

And thank you to mediasinres too!